Korres Anti-aging White Pine Meno-Reverse™ Restorative Overnight Facial 01

White Pine Meno-Reverse™ Restorative Overnight Facial

Your Skin

Post-menopausal, dry, and sensitive

Our Remedy

An overnight treatment that addresses dry, post-menopausal moisture loss with a retinol alternative designed for thinning, aging skin that comfortably replenishes and smooths skin, while skin is in its nightly repair-mode.


40ml. Dermatologically tested. May contain traces of wheat/nuts. Suitable for vegetarians. Recyclable packaging. Cruelty free.

Restore your skin without the burn

Instead of traditional retinoids, which can cause irritation, especially to sensitive, aging skin, KORRES has formulated this intense overnight treatment with a plant-derived alternative, proven more effective for post-menopausal women to significantly reduce deep wrinkles, smooth texture and bring our a youthful radiance.

Celebrate your skin at every stage

Seen Benefits

No more dryness

100% of post-menopausal women had improved skin moisturization after 56 days.

Ideal for mature skin

91% of post-menopausal women saw an improvement in deep wrinkles after 56 days.

Improved texture

100% of post-menopausal women had an improvement in skin texture in 84 days.

From The Team
Sam Archer

Through the night our skin is most able to repair itself from past damage, but if it is not replenished it is more susceptible to further damage.

Sam Archer, Director of Product

How to use

  1. Application

    Apply to the face and neck each night before bed.

How to use

Complete your routine

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All KORRES products are sourced ethically in Greece

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