“Based on our deep understanding of herbs and the knowhow of innovative extraction methods, we created an in-house environmentally-friendly,certified.
Extraction Lab, following an over five year-long effort in cooperation with the National & Kapodistrian University of Athens, Department of Pharmacy, Section
of Pharmacognosy & Natural Products Chemistry. We use natural-derived solvents only. Αny solid residue of the extraction process is composted to end
up back into the soil and be used as organic fertilizer, while any liquid residue is biologically treated to end up back into the water stream. A literally zero-
waste operation
. Our aim is to extract and isolate active herbal ingredients in order to produce clinically effective extracts of the highest quality. Grape marc
from Assyrtiko variety, a typical waste by-product of Santorini wineries, becomes a powerful cosmetic ingredient rich in phenolic compounds.
Delicate and unique Saffron stigmas are full of precious actives that we have managed to stabilize, conserve and incorporate into our cosmetic formulas.
How? By producing and using a 1-day-fresh Greek Saffron extract!"
Iordanis Samanidis
R+D Extractions Chemist

Golden Krocus Hydra-Filler Plumping Cream

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