Ethos, the Greek word for Conscience, best describes how we think about Greek Soil and Nature. This Lab is focusing on Ethical Sourcing and Cooperations.
We work together with over 30 local Micro-Farmers and 5 Agricultural Unions around Greece. Our collaboration is multifaceted.
We support them financially, with scientific input, with technical input. I meet them in person, I advise them, I listen to their dreams and their problems.
They are my inspiration. Hearing their concerns, and knowing our needs, we have set up an R+D system of cultivation methods with two objectives:to promote
organic farming in Greece and toconserve our biodiversity including valuable endangered species.
Giorgos Stavropoulos,

The Head Scientist of our Soil Lab

Giorgos Stavropoulos, Agriculturist
Ι love classical theatre, travelling, running, and exploring nature! My life is literally tied together with nature that I learned to love even more through
my encounters with our amazing farmers. The products we created with the unique Santorini grape are definetely my favourite; the outcome of one of my most
fascinating ventures in our quest for the most powerful Greek plants.

What I love:

Santorini Grape Renewing Shower Gel

5.0 Stars 1 Reviews

Oceanic Amber Eau De Toilette

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The Cooperations